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3-Yrs After Her Son Got Missing, Mother Finds Him Roaming The Street As A Mad Man- Video/Photos



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A Kenyan woman was momentarily lost for words and drenched in emotions after she found her missing son of three years roaming the street as a mad man. 

mother mad man

The young man has been missing for three years but as fate will have it, his mother met him by chance far away from home roaming the streets in rags and looking unkempt- evident of loss of sanity.

mother mad man2

According to reports, the woman said her son went missing in 2018, and he was said to be a bright student at the University of Nairobi, Kenya before he disappeared.

The woman gave her son a sachet of water to drink as onlookers who equally dragged along with the evoking scene swarmed around them.

Watch the vidoeo;

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