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Akuffo-Addo Commissions Ghana’s first Micro power Generating Station


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The President Has commissioned Ghana’s first Micro Power Generating System situated at Tsatsadu, Alavanyo in the Hohoe Constituency of Volta Region.

Works on The project named Tsatsadu Hydro power Generating Station actually started in 2005 during the regime of Ex president Kuffour with a 30kw plan. The project was however abandoned after a change of power  in 2008 which saw the current opposition party NDC in power until January 2017.

According to the President, he visited Alavanyo in 2017 when he took over as the President and directed the Ministry of Energy together with Bui Power Authority to re develop the hydro station which has now been redesigned and upgraded from the initial 30 to 45kw.

The President is confident the project will help provide power for Economic development in the area.

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