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Boy breaks down in tears as his mum reveals she’s pregnant, says he doesn’t want another sibling bothering him (Video)



A little boy started throwing tantrums and broke down in tears after his mother announced that she was going to add a new member to the family (she’s pregnant).

In a corresponding video that has since gone viral on TikTok, the boy is seen crying after finding out that he’ll soon have another younger sibling.

The boy’s mother made the announcement to him and his younger sister while they were at an eatery.

She captured his reaction on camera and he was crying, saying that he does not want another person to be bothering him like his sister.

When the mother whose face wasn’t captured in the video asked the emotional boy if he doesn’t care to know if the incoming baby is going to be a boy or girl, the boy replied by saying he doesn’t care as all that mattered to him is that he doesn’t any sibling.

However, as the little boy was lamenting, his sister was excited about the news.


Watch the video below;

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