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H00kUp Slay Queen Shamed For ‘B£d-W£tting’ After Sleeping Over At A Client’s Place [Watch Now]



A trending video is making rounds on the internet that captures the moment a man angrily [email protected] a wh0re she took home for the night.

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After having a nice time in between the sheet, the lady decided to spend the night at the man’s place but we guess she’s cursing her stars for that decision. This is because she’s a bed-wetter, and she actually woke the next morning soaked in urine.

Hence in the video, one can see the angry man trying to beat the young girl for wetting his bed. The man who was visibly angry could be seen throwing an object at the lady while she was sitting on his bed, and putting on her clothes.

The unidentified man was however restrained from hurting the lady.


Watch the interesting video below;

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