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How a lady nabbed her cheating boyfriend by writing down serial number of his condom pack



A lady assumed the role of a police detective after she employed her own strategy in order to catch her cheating boyfriend. 

The intriguing tale was shared on Twitter by a friend of this lady in question identified simply as Tilewa.

In her narration, she said her friend, to ascertain whether her boyfriend is cheating on her or not, wrote down the serial number of his condom pack.

Thereafter, she noticed the condoms have been replaced which invariably means the guy has been using them to sleep with other women.

She wrote:


“Omooo I’m dead.. some girls are mad o.. how can you write down the serial number of the condoms in your man’s room to know if he always replace it or it’s the same ones u left there????

Lmaooo he actually replaced it with new ones… that’s the thing. That’s how she found out and she’s been raising hell since. The boy doesn’t even know how to defend himself.”

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