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“How can a jobless Woman spend GHS30,000 on me” Richard Agu, Man Behind Obuasi Saga speaks



Facebook has been hot the past few days after an issue about one Military guy Richard Agu started making waves on social media.

Apparently, Richard Agu is set to marry one Abenaa Obiatopa Standard on 20th March 2021 at Obuasi.

Just when his marriage invitation card popped up on social media, one lady called Comfort Bliss Gh came out to say she was the ex-girlfriend of Richard.

But after spending so much on him and helping him through military training school, Richard has now left her to marry another lady.

Comfort threatened that she’ll storm the wedding ceremony and cause commotion.


Well, Richard Agu has also come out to speak finally.

In an audio phone call with a fellow miltary officer, Richard said all those things that Comfort has said was false.

He said that Comfort is not employed so how can she say she has borrowed GHS30,000 to sponsor him?

“I met her in October 2020 so how can she say she spent that much on me within this short period? She doesn’t even know my house. The day we went to town to buy my things, all she bought was socks for me”, Agu said.

Check out his chat below:


Listen to the audio below;


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