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I want to”d!e” on top of a woman,says Oboy Siki-Veteran Kumawood actor



Veteran Kumawood actor, Oboy Siki has said that his last wish on earth is to die on top of a woman during lovemaking.

While reinforcing his braggadocious claim that he has slept with over 3,000 women, the actor said that figure is even on the high side since he stopped counting when he reached a threshold of 2,500.

When he took his turn on the Delay Show, the actor said he was not exaggerating when he has said the entered women’s panties that much.

Speaking further, he said he wants to crown his efforts by dying in the ‘line of duty.’

He stated that he does not want to be old, weak, and bedridden before he will die. He said that he wants to die either through his sleep or by having sex with a woman.


According to his words he said,I won’t retire before I die but I would like to leave this earth in my line of work because as soon as I am 70 years I would like to die so I don’t come feebly. I don’t want to grow old and become bedridden but I would like pass on whiles having s3x with a woman”.


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