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“I was rejected three times by the ritualists” – Lucky lady who was kidnapped for ritual purposes narrates how she escaped death



Racheal David is a Nigerian lady who has narrated how she was kidnapped for ritual purposes but someway somehow, she was able to escape death after the ritualists rejected her three times.

The young nurse narrates to local media in Nigeria how she went out on a fateful day to go buy something, met an unknown motorist, felt unconscious and ended up right before the ritualist ready to be used as a sacrificial lamb.

“I went to get something at Okuru Junction that Thursday morning before going to work. I didn’t get what I went to buy. While I was returning home, a driver blew the car horn to call my attention and I stopped.

A lady was at the back of the car. He asked me if I know any place called Bitter Leave Junction and I said yes. As I was trying to direct him, he said he couldn’t hear me clearly and told me to come closer.

He touched me and I didn’t know if I entered the car or not. By the time I regained consciousness, I was already in an unknown place. They had blindfolded me and tied my hands. I couldn’t tell the time of the day.” she said

Rachael David added that she was taken to three different places by the ritualist who rejected her with the explanation that she was unfit to be used as a sacrifice.


“I was still rejected. After some hours, they took me and some victims somewhere blindfolded. One man asked them why they kept bringing me and told them to return me to where they picked me as fast as possible.

“Even though I couldn’t see what was going on in that place, it appears like a ritual killers’ den. I was the only person they rejected. I was rejected thrice. While I was in captivity, new victims were brought in. The abductors put me in the car and drove off. When we got to a spot along the road, they stopped, removed the blindfold and pushed me out of the car.” she said.

“The kidnappers didn’t take away my phone so I quickly called my mum. I had fainted before they came. It was this morning (Saturday) when I woke up that I realised I am in the hospital” she said

Rachel’s family are delighted to have her back, safe and sound.

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