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If Your Man Is Not Giving You Money, Work And Make Yours, You Are In A Relationship, Not A Bank – Lady Advises Colleagues



Most ladies of today who find themselves in amorous relationships always tend to put all their responsibilities on the man.

They expect the man to feed, clothe and pay their bills while satisfying their sexual needs.

Well, a lady called Agudie Efya Nkunim has taken to Facebook too advice her female friends to stop that nonsense and start learning how to be independent.

According to her, no lady is entitled to any money from a man hence when a man they are in a relationship with refuses to give them money as a token of their love, they should rather look for ways to work hard and make theirs instead of tagging such a man as stingy.

Efya added that being in a relationship doesn’t mean you are literally in a bank where you can cash out anytime you want and at any given chance.

See the post she made on Facebook below;

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