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Iphone and Samsung users in a clash on twitter.



Samsung and Apple Inc’s iPhone series are the most sort after mobile phones all over the world and users are always arguing about the best between these two phones.

Iphone is powered by ios and Samsung by android. Since the two phones are using different operating systems, it is difficult to determine which is better in the area of software performance.

Samsung is from Seoul in South Korea and IPhone is from America’s Apple Inc. , a multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino in California.

The banter between Apple’s iphone and Samsung users is not dying off anytime soon as users of the two phones are in a debate on twitter as at now. Users of the two phones are claiming superiority over one another with lots of comparisons.

Even though the two phones are running on different system softwares, users are always seen in a debate over which of the cell phones in the best.


The argument is trending at number one on twitter currently and we want share with you some of the comparisons the users are making.

Others claim samsung makes iphone’s screens so there’s no reason to compare since samsung is the supplier iphone’s screens.

Read some of the comments below

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