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Kelvyn Boy goes viral as his early morning w££d surface online (+VIDEO)



Ghanaian Afrobeats Singer, Kelvyn Boy allegedly set the internet ablaze after flaunting his early morning substance appears to be Cannabis well known as marijuana (Weed) shock social media users.

Interestingly, the afrobeat singer who is currently out of the country for his ‘World Tour’ scheduled to come off in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, popped up on the gram in a happy mood while smoking and entertaining his fans on his Instagram Page.

Kelvyn Boy held the joint in his right hand as he passed a black afro comb in his hair.

Fans who had joined his live session were left disappointed as the singer never uttered a word. Instead, he puffed some smoke in his live video. He ended his IG Live abruptly with a kiss to viewers who watched him in amazement.


Kwame Dadzie, an ace  journalist  who first reported the issue expressed utmost disappointment in the actions of the musician.

“As I was preparing for work this morning around 5am, I got notification that Kelvynboy was live on IG. I quickly run there to hear what he had for his fans as he embarks on his ‘World Tour.’ I start dey record. For about a minute, dude no talk notin. He just come show we say he fit smoke weed. He ended the video just like that,” the journalist wrote.

While explaining that he was “putting the morality compass” on Kelvyn Boy’s life, the journalist mentioned that his bane was the musician’s decision to waste an opportunity.

“I was only surprised that upon all the things he could use his IG Live to do, the one he chose to show to us was weed. This is a guy who has miraculously landed a hit song. Truth is, he hasn’t even done enough to sustain the relevance of the song.

“Thank God, he is embarking on a ‘World Tour’; something every smart artiste would strategically use all the tools available to them to let the world know about. If he had engaged his fans while smoking his life away, I wouldn’t have been bothered.”


Kelvyn Boy has a show on June 17, 2022, in Hamburg, Germany as part of his tour.



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