Leaked audio of Afia Schwarzenegger begging to be made Pinamang Cosmetics’s ambassador


There’s a leaked audio of loud-mouthed media personality, Afia Schwarzenegger begging to be made the brand ambassador of Pinamang Cosmetics.

In the audio leaked by notorious Blogger, Those Called Celebs, Afia could be heard begging that she wants to be made an ambassador because she needs the money even if it’ll take her to get naked.

Afia said all it will take is for her to take some shots of strong alcohol and dirty herself just to promote the products.

Watch the video below:


I know a lot of you would be asking that where from all these brouhahas again?

It all started this morning when Afia Schwarzenegger took to her social media pages to expose Akuapem Poloo for begging her to insult her on Instagram so that she can trend in 2017.

Afia added that Akuapem Poloo went behind her back to lie against her to the CEO of Pinamang cosmetics to drop her as their brand ambassador since her skin doesn’t look perfect for one of their body lotion products she was promoting.

Afia revealed that she knows about what Akuapem Poloo did because the CEO told her about it.

She wrote….

“Sometime 2017 you sent me this to insult you so you can trend

Instead I made you my lil friend so u can achieve the fame u want positively ..And guess what after giving you that fame,you decided to back bite me to people I work with…..oh yes I have your chat with pinamang cosmetics and all the pictures u circled to her for her to see my black elbow…but u refused to circle your tiger skin to her..

Did I come on social media to call you out?? Cos you are not worth my time and my are not worth my platform

What will I gain from circulating that disgusting nudity of yours. …for fame or for money?? I am famous n richer than you and dnt need you for anything,infact my children are famous n richer than you…

Let me warn you for the last time….you are Not my mate,nor class…Take my name out of your mind and mouth.”

Now, Those Called Celebs and Akuapem Poloo are best friends so, in a way of showing support, the Blogger is also out spilling the secrets of celebrities and their association with Pinamang cosmetics.

Apparently, Poloo and the CEO of Pinangmang cosmetics are good friends so she also tells her everything about other celebrities she works with. Unknown to her, AKuapem Poloo has been taking screenshots of all their chats and recording all their calls.

And how that it seems the CEO of the beauty products company seems to be playing a hypocritical game, Poloo is leaking all her chats to Those Called Celebs.


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