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$!lly [email protected] Queens Goes [email protected]£d On Instagram Live Just To Prove Her Br£@$t$ Are Not Saggy [WATCH NOW]



[email protected] queen goes [email protected]£d on Instagram Live just to prove her br£@sts are not $aggy. Whenever you hear there are scandals happening in South Africa and involves Zimbabweans, you are 85% guaranteed is coming from Cape Town.

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Zimbabweans in Cape Town have find it easy to do their dirty laundry and scandalous issues in cape Town. I guess its the spirit of the city. Recently social media was flooded by a f!ght of [email protected] Queens who were fighting each other on Instagram accusing each other of being sl#ts.

They got to a point where they undr£$$ed in front of the camera just to prove their points. The whole video of one of the slay queens going n#d£ has caused chaos on social media and luckily we have all the videos of this [email protected] f!ght.


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Watch the video below;

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