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Mallam (Chief priest) advises SHS boy who asks for blood money [WATCH NOW]



A viral video circulating online shows the moment yet identified senior high school student’s request for blood money popularly known as Sika Aduro from a chief priest shocked social media users.

According to the video monitored below, the chief Priest well-known as Nana Asaase could be seen interviewing the young boy on the phone pleading for blood money.

Also in their conversation, the young boy told the chief priest that he is facing a lot of problem in life and even in school, so now he doesn’t have any other alternative but blood money (Sika Aduro).

Nana Asaase asks him that blood money is not a joke and as he is a young boy he will never advise him to put himself into it, but he should work hard or apply for a better job that will help him.


That is the word of wisdom Nana thank you so much for your advice l don’t know what is wrong with youth of this era 20yrs boy what do need sikaduro for arrh am so nervous, Social media users reacted

Watch the video below:


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