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“Many Nigerians Don’t Respect You Until They Think You Have Money” –Journalist Sammy Desh



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The Nigerian Journalist, Sammy Desh has bemoaned many Nigerians’ lack of respect for people until they think such people have money.

We live in a world that is being somewhat controlled by money.

People who have made money are the ones that earn respect from others just because they have money and can call the shots.

But journalist Sammy Desh believes everyone deserves respect regardless if they have money or not.

This situation of lack of respect for people who do not have money has seen a lot of young guys who have made money ordering elderly men around because they lack that respect for them.

Sammy Desh said this when he revealed that a customer care representative at a bank became hostile to him when he went to resolve an issue with one of his accounts that had little funds in it.


He said that the rep began to show him some respect when she saw that he had a lot of money in his other account.

That was when he concluded that people don’t respect you until they see that you have money.

Below is what Sammy Desh wrote on Twitter after his encounter with the customer care representative at the bank:

Many Nigerians don’t respect you until they think you have money. Was at the bank to complain about a 15k POS dispute, & the customer rep spoke to me like I was there to beg until she also saw my Dom account.

We need to do better as a people cos everyone deserves respect.” Sammy Desh wrote.


Sadly, it feels like one is a nonentity when they do not have any money because no one seems to respect them.

Today, a young man with more money would be given a seat on the high table with an elderly poor man relegated to the back at the same function.

It is a sad reality that we are dealing with in our world today.

See the post by Sammy Desh below;

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