Masters in Education in USA: Top Colleges, Admission, Fees, Scholarships, Jobs

Masters in Education in USA is usually a 1-2 year graduate program for educators looking for a career in education leadership, administration, or counseling. The program is offered as Masters of Education (M. Ed.), Masters in Science in Education (M.S.Ed), Master of Arts- Education (M.A) at top universities in USA.

USA is home to some of the most prestigious colleges and universities offering over 1800 education-related programs to choose from. Masters in Education is not limited to studies that aim at educating future school teachers, but education-related subjects and other interdisciplinary programs are also awarded under M.Ed degrees.

For admissions in the Master of Education in USA, international students are required to provide scores of GRE and English proficiency exams.

The tuition fee for masters in education from US universities ranges from 20,000 USD to 51,000 USD.
For Indian students planning to pursue M.Ed. from USA, this cost approximates 14 Lakhs to 34 Lakhs.
The average salary in the field of education is 85,700 USD/year. (~62 LPA)

Top Universities for Masters in Education in USA
The universities in the United States are globally recognized and the majority of them make their way on the list of the global rankings. Tabulated below are the top ten universities, according to the QS Top University rankings, that offer Masters in Education.

Why Study Masters in Education in USA?
The universities in the USA catering to Masters in Education rank among the top 50 according to the QS global rankings.

Approximately 1.1 million international students study in the USA.
The average salary earned after completing a Masters in Education in USA ranges somewhere between 44,200 USD – 151,000 USD.
The salary for Masters in Education in USA graduates is subjected to an 8% increment in 15 months.
In the field of education, 51% of the employees in the USA typically earn a 3-5% bonus every year.
The average hourly pay after pursuing Masters in Education is 44 USD.

Masters in Education in USA: Admissions

Students who want to study a master’s program in education can earn a degree of Masters in Education (M.Ed) or a Masters of Arts in Education (MA Ed). An applicant can choose among various specializations such as Adult Education and Organizational Learning, Applied Linguistics, Comparative and International Education, Curriculum and Teaching, Early Childhood Education, Education Policy, Elementary Education, Gifted Education, Motor Learning, Music Education, Psychology in Education, Special Education, etc. Programs are specific to concentrations, and most degrees include a professional training period in a chosen topic.

Students can apply for Masters in Education in USA through a common portal that is used by 450 universities or via the university’s official website. It is advised to start preparing for your admissions 1.5 years before the course begins to be able to make travel arrangements to the USA on time.

Applications for Masters in Education in US
The universities in the USA usually accept admission applications for the fall or spring semesters. (Applications during the summer semester are also accepted in some of the universities.)

The fall semester starts in August and ends in December
The spring semester begins in January and ends in May
The summer semesters begin in June and end in July.

Masters in Education in US: Eligibility

To be eligible for admissions to Masters in Education in USA, applicants must make sure to have a bachelor’s degree with an average of 3.0-3.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale, which is equivalent to 80-89%.
Additionally, the universities that require you to submit GRE scores usually ask for a score of 300+

You must also fulfill the English language test scores requirements. Universities specific test scores are discussed in the sections below

Admission Requirements for M.Ed. in USA
There are some requirements that are common to almost all universities. In order to successfully get into the desired university, students must carefully meet these requirements.

Completed admission applications to USA universities
Payment of non-refundable application fee
Official academic transcripts with their English translations and evaluated by a credential evaluation agency, such as WES
Language proficiency scores through TOEFL, IELTS, or other equivalent scores
Personal Statement covering the reasons for pursuing a Masters program in Education, future goals, and how the degree will help in achieving those goals, etc.
Letters of recommendation
Standardized scores of exams to study in USA, mainly GRE
Resume or CV
Proof of availability of funds for covering a year of living.
Copy of Passport


A few universities might also accept GMAT or Miller Analogies Test (MAT) in lieu of the GRE scores.
Mandatory health insurance to USA is also required.
English Language Requirements for Masters in Education in USA
As international students who do not have English as their primary/first language, you will be required to submit proof of language proficiency to pursue M.Ed in USA. The minimum score requirements for tests accepted through the top universities offering the program

USA Student Visa
International applicants applying for admissions to Masters in Education in USA require a student F-1 visa to USA. Applicants would need to appear for a visa interview with the US Embassy in their respective home country.

Costs to study Masters in Education in USA
Studying in the USA can make a big hole in your pocket. Expenses while studying Masters in Education in USA include- pre-arrival costs, tuition fees or the program fees, and living expenses.

Pre-arrival Costs to USA
The pre-arrival costs to USA include the fees required for application fees, exam registrations, airfare, visa, etc. The table below shows the estimated pre-arrival costs to USA:

Tuition Fee for Masters in Education in USA
To pursue masters in education from US top universities, some of the cheapest options include UC Berkeley, Johns-Hopkins University, and the University of Wisconsin- Madison. The tuition fees for M.Ed in USA for Indian students.

Cost of Living in the USA
The cost of living varies depending on the city you’re living in and the standards of living. The living expenses in USA range from 2,500 to 4,000 USD per month. The table below tabulates the estimated budget to study in the USA.

Masters in Education in USA with Scholarships
Studying Masters in Education in USA can be costly for the pocket. Thus to help international students with the costs and the tuition fee, the universities offer a number of financial aid options. These include scholarships, education loans or even work-study. There are a number of scholarships to study in USA. A few of the scholarships to study Masters in Education in USA are tabulated below:

Students can also apply for external international scholarships to study in the USA that are awarded by various private agencies or organizations, or even the respective home country government.

Masters in Education in USA: Jobs
The average salary in the field of education is 85,700 USD/year and the cost ranges between 36,500 USD- 109,000 USD for the entire course. So, the investment is quite worth it. A student pursuing a master program in education can apply for various job opportunities in the USA best suited to their profile ranging from a professor, lecturer, coach, advisor, etc. to an academic manager or a specialist.

Salaries in Different States of the US After Masters in Education in USA
The salaries after studying Masters in Education in USA differ from state to state. The average annual salary after Masters in Education in USA are tabulated below:

Also, a person pursuing a Ph.D. in Education can earn 23% more than that earned from a Masters degree in Education in the United States. Thus, pursuing a doctorate degree after the Master’s program can be a good option for a few students.

Master in Education in USA broadens your perspective in terms of content and continual innovation. It is both challenging and rewarding. The cost of studying Masters in Education in the United States is 36,500 – 109,000 USD and the salary earned is approximately 87,500 USD – 109,000 USD per year. Therefore, the ROI is high making Masters in Education a good study option for the students looking to study abroad in the USA.

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