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Meet the 22-year-old [email protected] who reportedly stabs his [email protected] partner for cheating on him surface online (+VIDEO)



A viral video making rounds on social media captured a jealous [email protected] man reported to have stabbed his partner after he decided to give up being [email protected] and start dating a woman whom he has fallen in love with.

The incident which led to an argument between them ended up with the man stabbing the other in the hand which resulted in him reporting the issue to the police.

According to the employer of the two gays whose names were identified as Prince Nyator and Evans Amoah, he had no idea the both of them were gay until she saw that Evans had used a cutlass to cut the hands of Prince during an argument.

The employer speaking about how they ended up at the police station revealed that she was the one that made the report after they both failed to give the reason why Prince has a cut on his hand.


According to reports, the two confessed to sleeping with each other until Prince found a girlfriend which Evans got jealous of and stabbed him in the hands during an argument.

The two [email protected] couples have since been remanded in police custody pending a court hearing.


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