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Meet the pregnant woman who owes house rent,returns GH₵ 6,616,iphone to its owner (+Photos)



A pregnant woman has been commended after she returned a bag containing an iPhone and GH₵ 6,616 to its owner, who forgot it inside a church in Oghara, Delta state in Nigeria.

According to reports, the pregnant woman, who is having issues paying her rent due to financial challenges, saw the forgotten bag in a branch of Assemblies of God church.

She took the bag home and waited for the owner to call the phone which was inside the bag.

When the owner eventually called, she directed the person to where she was, and handed over the bag containing the exact items that were inside.


It was later discovered that the heavily pregnant woman hadn’t even bought the things her unborn baby would need, yet she resisted the temptation and did the right time not minding the insults, she received from people for returning the bag.

She was also said to have successfully delivered her baby hale and hearty on Saturday September 11, 2021.

Hmm we still have a good people in the world,Netizens react.




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