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Meet the woman saves a man who was sentenced to life imprisonment for sh00ting her during a robbery 31 years ago



A man identified as Ian Manuel recently had his life imprisonment sentence overturned with the help of a lady he had shot 31 years ago.

He had already spent 26 years in jail before she saved him after reviewing the details of the incident.

People reports that in 1990, a lady named Debbie Baigrie was out with friends after the delivery of her second child in Florida, US when Manuel who was 13 years old at time attempted to rob her.

It was said that a young Manuel was under peer pressure from older teens to carry out a robbery that evening and Debbie was the unlucky victim.


Manuel shot Debbie in the mouth and this affected her jaw and some of her teeth. Today reports that Manuel (who had a history of minor criminal offences) was later arrested for an unrelated incident and put behind bars where he confessed to being the person who shot Debbie in the mouth. This consequently got him a life imprisonment.

Debbie later learnt in a newspaper that Manuel was 13 years old when the robbery happened and this touched her. Manuel, according to Goalcast, placed a call across to the lady he hurt, apologized and began sending letters.

She also sent letters in response after forgiving him and followed up with Manuel’s court case seeking to overturn the life imprisonment judgement.

Manuel was eventually released from prison and kissed Debbie upon their first reunion on the same spot had shot her. The lady sees Manuel – who lot his biological mum and relatives while in prison – as an adopted son.



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