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Patapaa marriage could be a scam, Social media analyst



Social media users have expressed their concern about Patapaa’s marriage after an alleged breakup with his white woman.

According to their analysis the pa2pa CEO Justice Amoah well known in the music industry as Patapaa marriage could be a fraud in the essence that he marry the white woman to influence his colleagues or perhaps because he want hype and attention on social media that is why he involves himself into that marriage.

Also they stated that if its a real marriage how can both said to have separated just over a year after the epic marriage ceremony.

Patapaa first met Liha Miller on his European tour to Germany in 2019 and they quickly bonded.


The lady joined him for the December 2019 Christmas season were they took their relationship to the next level.

On January 1, 2021, they officially got married in Agona Swedru, Patapaa’s hometown.


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