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Social Media Analyst:Almost 6 million Ghanaians don’t visit banks because of MOMO



A research has been made by some of the social media users in the country that almost six million Ghanaians don’t go or visit the banks this time around to redraw their money.

According to their research, reasons were made in the case of why most Ghanaian don’t visit banks and these are
1: mobile money transaction are very fast and convenient to every Ghanaian especially most of our parents who find it difficult to send or receive money across the country now enjoyed because everywhere they will go they can redraw and also send money to their family and friends.

2: The long queue normally at the bank is very an eyesore and most Ghanaian don’t smile when they visit the banks especially when they are in a hurry to perform their work duties so for them to join such a long queue they decided to redraw or their money through mobile money.

3: filling of forms before cash out normally disturb most Ghanaians especially the illiterate who can not sign or thump print find it difficult at the banks so that’s why now they choose not to go and waist their time over there and mobile money you don’t need to fill any forms before your own money will be given to you so they prefer that than going to the banks.


So if all the bank companies admit to abolish the of filling forms at the banks before cash out or sending money will be better for Ghanaians.

Also the mobile money business has created and reduce unemployment rate in the country especially Ghanaian students who has completed school without any job get access to the mobile money business.

It has also help most the business men and women and traders across the country and its very easy for them to send and receive money from their customers and also pay their bills without wasting their time to go the banks.

Again it has also help students to send and receive money across the country especially students at the boarding who want to receive money from their parent get it within seconds.

So this is why almost six millions of Ghanaians don’t go to the banks anymore.



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