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Twene Jonas declared wanted by Muslims across the world for disrespecting Prophet Mohammed and the Islamic faith [Video]



Twene Jonas may have just landed himself in a serious religious battle as per reports he has been declared wanted by Muslims across the world.

What is Twene Jonas’ crime?

Well, according to reports Twene Jonas verbally berated the Islamic faith and insulted Prophet Mohammed in one of his unusual social media rants.

These words of aspersions that Twene Jonas threw at the Islamic faith has been described as huge “Haram” thus he needs to atone for his words.

Per the original video, Twene Jonas was heard refuting the essence of religion and stated unequivocally that Islam, just like many other religions is useless.

Following that, a video making rounds point to the fact that the Muslim community herein Ghana is displeased with Twene Jonas and believe he has brought the name and dignity of the religion and Prophet Mohammed into disrepute.


They have declared a holy war called JIHAD on Twene Jonas for his words and are looking forward to dragging him before the appropriate quarters.

Check Out The Video Below:

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