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Watch Video: Hilarious moment as young man weep uncontrollably after a strange haircut from his barber



A viral video circulating on social media captured the moment yet identified young man crying bitterly after receiving a strange haircut from his barber.

The young man upon realizing how bad the haircut looks decided to cry, Social media users in reacting to the clip are willing to know if he was sleeping before getting his hair trimmed this way.

According to video monitored below, the young man with a large part of hair on his head shaved bald whiles hair on a small portion of his head remained.

His regretful face after getting the hair cut is what has let many to laugh out loud.


The song playing at the background made it obvious he was weeping because of the haircut the barber gave him.

The song was a rendition of Ghanaian Afrobeat crooner, Kelvyn Boy’s ‘Down Flat’ but interestingly part of it were replaced with ‘Down Cut’.

Below is the video:

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