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Watch Video: Slay Queens Fighting In A Dirty Gutter Over a Sugar Daddy | Very Disgusting ?


Below is a moment two Slay Queens were seen fighting dirty over a man in a Lagos lagoon over a man that might not even end up with any of them.

In a video making rounds online, the girls almost drowned in the lagoon but yet they couldn’t stop fighting.

People gathered at the scene and instead of trying to save or stop them from the display of their stupidity, they filmed and allowed them fight their quarrel out.

It was really a disgusting sight to behold and it’s obvious the girls gulped reasonable of the dirty water during the fight.

To me, I don’t know why some girls always choose to embarrass themselves this way. It’s super crazy and uncalled for when you can choose to walk away from a heated argument. If you ask them why they’re fighting, their reasons would be very annoying.

Watch The Video Below

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Slay Queens Fighting Over Boyfriend?

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