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Watch Video:Man reportedly assassinate girlfriend after finding at0pa v!deo of her with another man on her phone



Another report circulating on social media shows a 35 year old lady has been murdered by her own boyfriend.

According to a report from UTV Ghana, the 35-year old was dating a 24-year old guy… The two spent the night together over the weekend during which they had a misunderstanding which led to her murder.

According to the report, they were sleeping together when the lady left to the bathroom and the guy went into her phone.

Whilst snooping on her phone, he reportedly found a video of her in bed with another guy. She had recorded a video of her n*ked in bed with her other boyfriend.


This annoyed him and he questioned her about it during which a struggle begun over her phone.

She asked him to give her the phone and he refused, starting a mighty struggle during which he violently pushed her.

She died in the struggle and the gentleman called a taxi driver to help him move the body to the mortuary.

Thankfully, the taxi driver found a way to contact the police looking at the condition of the corpse, leading to his arrest.

Watch the video below:



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