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Watch Video:Moment Church of Pentecost purportedly taking Covid-19 offering in church surface online



A Viral video making rounds on social media shows an unidentified pastor from the church of Pentecost taking covid-19 offering from the church members goes viral in a latest video

In the video monitored below,the pastor said he is now taking tithe then after that he is going to take second offering and the name given to that offering is called Covid-19 offering.

He said the reason why he is taking covid-19 offering is that for the past years God has protected you and if you die people will come spend money on your funeral so you need to offer that money for the church to develop so every church member needs to contribute.

So for you to stay alive and well protected you need to pay Covid-19 offering and there is no price tagged anything from your Pocket to support the work of God.


Watch the video below:





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