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Watch Video:Moment Reverend Father [email protected] k!ssing 3 students goes viral



Netizens are confused after footage of Reverend Father kissing three students in Ghana surface online in a latest video.

Every day or the other, amusing, weird and funny videos go viral on the internet, capturing the interest of users.

One such video that is being widely shared on social media showed a Rev father from one of the colleges in Ghana kissing three females students on the lips amidst the surge in Coivd-19 cases.

According to the video monitored below,the Reverend Father, whose identity is currently unknown, called and gave each girl a kiss which lasted about 2 seconds on average.


The first two kisses got the congregants screaming with excitement.

However, the third female student before and during the act showed some form of hesitation, but was still kissed by the alleged Anglican Priest in question.

Some users who chanced upon the video are alleging that the act occurred at St Monica’s College of Education.

Many are calling for investigations into the matter and a statement from the authorities of the school where the act took place.

So is it rightful for a Reverend Father to do a such a thing whiles there is a pandemic going on the country and is it part of their prophecy,Social media users react.


Watch the video below and share your thought now:



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