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Watch Video:Moment Traffic police officer falls off a truck while trying to arrest the driver pops up



A Viral video circulating on social media shows moment Nigerian police officer controlling traffic falls off a truck while trying to arrest the driver on busy road in a latest video.

Concerns has been raise about how police men and women do their work when they are on duties and some of them even don’t care whether he or she will lost his or her life.

According to the ghost blogger,Some policemen and women have become a thorn in the flesh of public transport drivers as they use every opportunity to bill and extort them.

Also Many drivers already seem fed up of this act and they take things into their own hands. Just recently, a video of traffic police officer and a truck driver made the rounds on social media.


In the short video,the policeman was seen hanging on a speeding truck in broad-daylight to bargain for ‘dash me something’ with a truck driver who had probably flouted traffic rules.

Those who captured the incident on video, were heard asking if clinging to a moving truck is part of the traffic official’s job description.

This was said just before the LASTMA official was seen rolling on the floor after falling off the truck.

Watch the video below:

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