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WATCH VIDEO:Netizens react as lady reportedly rejects soldier’s marriage proposal because he ‘blemishes’ her car



A dramatic encounter played out in public when a young lady turned down her boyfriend’s marriage proposal.

In a clip posted online,the declined saying yes to her soldier boyfriend because he spoilt the body of her car.

The boyfriend who is a soldier in the United States army had attempted to surprise the lady by proposing in style.

He had her car painted colourfully with the words ‘Marry me’ written boldly on it and surrounded by shapes of heart.


In the video which has gone viral,the soldier saw his lover’s reaction and admitted to being responsible for the painting, assuring her that he would get it washed after the proposal.

This however didn’t sit well with the lady who slammed him for going too far with the marriage proposal. She went on to accuse him of trying to make her lose her job.

Watch the below:





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