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WATCH VIDEO:Shocking as angry Trotro driver brings out kn!fe to attack Taxi driver while driving goes viral



Another clip circulating on social media shows an unidentified Trotro driver and Taxi driver had an unfriendly encounter on the streets of Lagos and it was captured on tape.

In a footage monitored below,a trotro driver brandished a knife which he tried using to attack the taxi driver and all this was happening while they were both driving.

According to the scene,the Trotro driver moved closer to the car while holding the weapon in his hand, but he eventually backed off and gave chance from the cabman to drive off.

The reason for their quarrel was yet to be made clear, but it seems he just felt the need to threaten the other driver.


Chai no where cool oo or maybe they are fighting about passengers,Netizens react.

Watch the video below:



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