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Watch Video:“Stop Sùçk!ng br£a$t If you want to live long”, Ajagurajah educate Ghanaian Men



The founder of Universal Spiritual Outreach Kwabena Asiamah also known as Ajagurajah has cautioned Ghanaian men to stop sùcking br3asts if only they want to live long.

In an interview with Fiifi Pratt on Kingdom FM, the man of God who was speaking about spiritual issue revealed that the Angel Ajagurajah told him that men should stop sùcking the br3asts of women.

He explained that the Angel Ajagurajah informed him that the reason why most men are dying anyhow nowadays is as a result of that.

Prophet Kwabena Asiamah indicated that the ladies now apply poison on their nìpples, around their ears and on their private part and during s3x these are parts men enjoy a lot.


According to him, some of these poisons can take like two weeks before the person eventually dies.

As a result of these message from Angel Ajagurajah, Prophet Kwabena Asiamah has advised men in Ajagurajah movement to stop sùcking br3asts.

Watch the video below:

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