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“We had s3x on our first date and we are now happily married” – Lady shares beautiful wedding photo, confuses netizens



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On first dates, we all try to be at our personal best…we try to impress the other person through our dress, speech and overall attitude.

S3x on the first date is usually not part of the conversation especially when the man and woman are just trying to know each other.

According to a popular girly cliche, “When he sleeps with you on the first date, he probably will not take it beyond the first day.”

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Well, Abigail Jones is telling us that you can have s3x on the first date and still build a relationship which will result in marriage.

While many ladies will be wary of being taken for fools if they avail themselves for s3x on the first date, Abigail Jones story will potentially allay those fears.

Abigail Jones shared a beautiful wedding photo on social media where she said she slept with his husband on the first date but lo and behold, it has resulted in marriage. She was implying that one can have s3x on the first date and the relationship will still blossom contrary to popular opinion.


Men: a woman who fucks/sucks on the first date not wifey material

Me, who fucked on the first date:

now I’m a housewife and dog mom who’s about to have a master’s degree. Yall be easy though lmaoo

I gotta mute this now — It’s blowing up my notifications

Moral of the story: We grown. Fuck who you wanna fuck or wait if you wanna wait. Do what works for you! Just don’t let anyone use that to determine whether or not you deserve respect/commitment.

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This post by Abigail Jones has sparked a whole new argument on social media as to whether it is actually true that having s3x on the first date is taboo.

Becca Rex commented: Men love to say shit like this as if they’re not the ones women are f*cling on the first date. honestly, we’re not trying to be wife material, we are trying to get laid.

Melissa wrote: Ladies it worked for HER doesn’t mean it will work for you. More often then not when you spread the Cheeks after that dinner he will stop pursuing you because he got what he came for. Again, it worked for her let’s NOT Normalize this. But there is no one process to this. Congrats

Love wrote: Fellas, just because she fucked you on the first night doesn’t mean she doing that to everyone, believe that

Kev wrote: Because you get married doesn’t mean you’re “wifey material”. It’s just an hour visit to the court house and a party, doesn’t validate any worth.

Ryan wrote: If withholding sex (when she wants to do it) is part of your wifey criteria. Don’t be mad when you get a wife that doesn’t want to have sex. She chose to have sex with you early & if that’s bad, what do you think about yourself?


Nejas wrote: Never understood this logic. Sir? Aren’t you ALSO fucking on the first date? We gotta shake that mentality that women “give up” sex and men “get/take” it. It has slight rapey connotations. FUCK WHO YOU WANT. WHEN YOU WANT.

So the question is…Does having s3x on the first date makes you cheap?

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