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We Must Introduce Meditation Into the School Curriculum if We Want to See Change – Kofi Jamar



Kofi Jamar, who has recently risen to fame because of his ‘Ekorso’ hit single. He strongly believes that Meditation should be introduced into schools.

In his opinion, most Ghanaians are not critical thinkers because they are addicted to noise and drama. In order for the code to be rewritten, it is necessary that Meditation be introduced into schools.

“Most of us Ghanaians are addicted to the noise and the drama. We hate the silence and it shows in our choice of music and the entertainment we seek. I feel meditation has to be introduced in schools to breed a new wave of thinkers in the system. We got to rewrite the code,” he wrote on Twitter.

Ghana is among the bottom-tier countries in the world. It seems Kofi Jamar is of the view that this can mystically change through Meditation practices such as Yoga.

See his tweet below:


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