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Woman enrage as houseboy allegedly impregnates her daughter 2 months after she brought him from village



A woman has shared her dilemma and sought advice from social media users on how to handle a situation involving her houseboy and her daughter.

According to the lady, she brought the boy from the village because she needed someone to do house chores since her husband is abroad and she goes to work.

“I thought I was trying to help the poor boy who came from a very poor background. I picked him up from the village since my husband stays overseas and I am also working class lady.

I needed someone to help me do my house chores and also stay at home while I travel. I told my mom in the village and she told me of a young boy who is hardworking and humble.

He wasn’t even going to school anymore because his father is late and his mom is a full time housewife. I decided to bring him into my home since he was from a good family background, besides, his mother is a good Christian.


I took him into my home and made him attend a private secondary school so he can write WAEC that year. The boy repaid my kindness to him by sleeping with my daughter and got her pregnant. It all happened in the space of two months. How do I tell my husband that our daughter is pregnant for a house boy? How do I deal with this pregnancy?”







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