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Yawa:beautiful female university student ur!nated on herself in public after taking hard l!quor surface online [WATCH VIDEO]



A Viral video making rounds on social media shows moment female college student from Kenya water institute,located in Nairobi West embarrassed herself after she over-indulged in hard a1cohol in a latest video set ablaze.

The light-skinned lady had gone for a drinking spree in the nearby Nairobi West shopping centre when the incident happened.

According to the video publish online,the lady’s friends are seen trying to control her and lift her as she staggers on the ground.

A man is heard in the background mocking the dru*nk lady for being a lightweight drinker.


you get drunk come with three tot,” the man is heard shouting in swahili as the drunk lady lies on the ground dru*nk like a skunk.

Maybe she want to release stress or there is something going on,netizens react.

Watch the video below:

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