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‘Your husband’s side chicks are helping your marriage, be nice’ – Lady cautions married women (Video)



A young lady has asked married women to be nice to side chicks because they are the glue that holds their marriage together.

In her words, it’s better these women ‘work in harmony’ with the side chicks because, without their great input, the men would leave the marriage.

According to a lady identified as @aphrodite_zee on TikTok, the reason most marriages are doing well today is that the side chicks interfere positively by making it a stronger and reliable home.

In furtherance of her point, the lady went on to say when there are issues between the man and his wife, side chicks are mostly the ones who encourage these husbands to return home to their family.

This ultimately means side chicks are not home breakers like the narration scripted by married women depicts.


Watch the video below …

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